Project Planning


These roof plans are helpful when discussing the overall picture of the project. The roof plan is useful for reporting on

current roof conditions, and provides a point of reference for the written estimate. When producing an estimate, we

reference the roof plan to ensure an accurate material takeoff - this means less waste. When it is time for production,

the roof plan becomes part of the important on site documents to make sure that carefully laid out plans are carried out.

Project Supervision


Each project is assigned a foreman. The foreman is responsible for safety, quality control, and managing on site affairs.

Every foreman is equipped with a smart phone, which allows for communication and  documentation using pictures.

This is important for monitoring progress and to reporting on site events. Our clients will have the foremans contact

info in the event of an on site special request.

Property Managers and Owners


Our service team is equipped to respond to emergency roof leaks. The service calls will include a description and or pictures of the services performed on site. This will help you to keep your clients informed as to current site conditions, temporary repairs, and remediation plans


Skyline Contracting provides roof inspection reports which can be used as an aid for budget planning. These reports typically include a site plan which identifies areas of concern, expected lifespan information, and budget pricing for remediation


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